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We are always keen to see new members, whether you are new to performing, haven't done any for a while, or are a 'dab hand'.

We have a mix of productions - normally we have a pantomime in January, a muscial or play in May, and a play in September - though recently this has been a Murder Mystery - we are always keen to try something different.

Reheasals are Wednesday Eve (7:30-10:30) and Friday Eve (8-10). We also have a Technical the Friday before a show, and two Dress rehearsals on the Sunday just before - sometimes more if the show is particualarly complex or technical.

If you are interested, why not come along on a Wednesday evening; or drop us an email - or even phone us.

See contacts for more info.

Stage Crew

We have a small, but perfectly formed, stage crew - though we could always do with a few more. We have found people with an interest, but no experience, seem to get on best - but all are welcome.
The crew also meet every Wed Eve. Stage work consists of set construction (which involves a hammer and some paint), Lighting, Sound and special effects. Everyone is involved with the set design as we all have to build it, and this sometimes involves Sunday afternoons as we get closer to the date of the show.
Joining the stage crew provides an excellent opportunity to develop team working and can be good for your CV - especially to get into theatre courses. We have lots of fun and gather for a drink after an evenings work. We also get involved with the club social activities.

Contact Charlotte for more info.

What Can I Do?

- Acting
- Box Office
- Choreography
- Chorus (singing and dancing)
- Costumes
- Directing
- Front of House
- Lighting
- Make-up
- Musical Director
- Musicians
- Publicity - Art
- Raffle and Tuck Shop
- Sound
- Set Construction
- Set Design
- Stage Management
- Stage Hand
- and much more.

As well as Acting and Stage Crew, there are also a whole host of other activites from Front-of-House to costumes and Make-up. Unlike the other two areas, these would probably take up less of your time as they are more focused around the performance dates.

The Stage Crew (with Austin)

Lighting and Sound (one handed!)

Followspot - For the panto

Our lighting assist getting bigger from year to year...

Now she's in the panto!!!

Lighting and Sound - Techies 2010

Set Construction 2019

Set Construction 2019

Lighting and Sound - Panto 2020
Joining the Stage Crew

The stage crew is a small "sub group" of the drama club that meets on a Wed evening; and if needed at other times. Unlike the cast for a specific show, the stage crew is enduring - meeting most weeks to either build the sets or maintain the stage.

As the cast undergo an audition, or an employee has an interview, all new crew members have a 4-week "probationary" period during which they can decide if they like the group and want to stay, and the current crew can decide if they think the new member will "fit in" in terms of skills and approach (see note). Suitability of a new member (or otherwise) will be decided by the stage director in consultation with the rest of the stage crew; in some cases where a decision cannot easily be reached a further period of 4 weeks probation may be offered (if the new members wish to stay). After this period a second review is held and a decision is reached by the stage director (again in consultation with the crew). The stage director aims to get a strong majority agreement from the crew.
Anyone who then joins the stage crew would still have a 6 month (min) introductory period (two productions (inc panto)) where they learn our approaches to set construction and shows (and will not have a major role during this period). i.e. will be stage hands. The aim of this is to ensure they operate safely and know where items are kept and how the crew go about stage work.
Conversley, anyone that doesn't join could of course join the club to act or take on other roles.

The stage crew cover all technical aspects of a production including set construction, stage management, lighting and sound. In terms of suitability, the stage director will be looking for a range of personal and technical skills which would include (though not be limited to): Working Together as part of a team, Taking Instruction, Enthusiasm and Commitment, Willingess to Learn, Painting skills, Skills with power tools, Construction Skills, Working at Height, Technical knowledge of different aspects of theatre, General fitness to work safety on a stage.

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