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Summer 2024 Production

Wyrd Sisters
Directed by Jennifer Makerras
Performance dates:

Thurs 13th June 24 - 19:30
Fri 14th June 24 - 19:30
Sat 15th June 24 - 19:30
Ticket Information and Sales
Tickets from £11

Tickets on Sale 19th Apr


On the Discworld®, the Kingdom of Lancre has been taken over by a somewhat unhinged tyrant. The three wyrd sisters Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick realise that the land is not happy with its current ruler, and that something will have to be done. Their plan, to reinstate the kings natural heir by moving the kingdom 15 years into the future so that the lad will be old enough, is an ambitious one, but it just might work A wonderful parody of Macbeth with a fair amount of fairy story thrown in for good measure.

Production Team
Director Jennifer Macerra
Set Designer Kevin Lawrence
Lx and Snd Jamie Lambourne and Kevin Lawrence
Stage Manager Charlotte Lawrence
Publicity Members of the Cast
Costumes Members of the Cast

Key Rehearsal Dates
Stage Tech Wed 5th June 24 (7pm)
LX Tech Fri 7th June 24 (7pm)
Dress Sun 9th June 24 (1pm)
Final Dress Wed 12th June 24 (7pm)
Performance 13th-15th June 24 (Cast at 1pm / 630pm)

Please ensure you can attend all these dates

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