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2018 Autumn Production

In My Lady's Chamber
Directed by Charlotte Lawrence
Performance dates:

Thur 13 Sept 18 - 7:30pm
Fri 14 Sept 18 - 7:30pm
Sat 15 Sept 18 - 7:30pm

Ticket Information and Sales
Tickets: from £8.00

General Release: Wed 15th Aug
Tickets not on Sale
Content warning: This production includes nudity and adult themes. Parental discretion advised. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries. Not suitable for under 12s, recommend 15+ years.
A Medieval Farce - Written by Giles Scott (2008)

Circa 1200 AD, A bedchaber, Lord William's Castle.

Milford returns from the crusades, blissfully unaware that while he has been away Milday has taken off her chastity belt with the enthusiastic help of this Squire.
Milday urgently needs the chastity belt and panic ensures when it cannot be found. To add to Milady's difficulties, she has to discourage the amorous advances of a visting Marquis from Paris. Meanwhile Milford has his own problems: he is far from being the virtuous hero of distant battlegrounds and the sister of the Marquis arrives, claiming to be his fiancee. Things get even more complicated when an officer of the Exchequer, apparently on the King's business, turns out to be not whom he seems. Milford and Milday end up locked in their own bedchamber - but she still doe not have the chastity belt!

Act 1: Scn 1- A Spring Day
Act 1: Scn 2- The action continues
Act 2: The action continues
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Production Team
Director Charlotte Lawrence
Set Designer Kevin Lawrence
Lx and Snd Kevin Lawrence
Stage Manager Charlotte Lawrence
Costumes - Adults Members of the Cast

Key Rehearsal Dates
Stage Technical Fri 7th Sept 18 (7pm)
LX Tech/Stage Run Sun 9th Sept 18 (2pm and 7pm)
Final Dress Wed 12th Sept 18 (7pm)

Please ensure you can attend all these dates

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