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2018 Winter Production

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Directed by David Pascoe-Clarke
Performance dates:
Wed Jan 18 - 7:30pm
Thurs 4 Jan 18 - 7:30pm
Fri 6 Jan 18 - 7:30pm
Sat 7 Jan 18 - 2:00pm
Sat 7 Jan 18 - 7:30pm
Sun 8 Jan 18 - 2:00pm
Ticket Information and Sales
Tickets: from £7.00

General Release: 5 Dec (Pre-Sales: 21 Nov)
Tickets not on sale
Advertising Information
This sparkling and fun filled pantomime by Alan Frayn, originally produced by Hanham Players in 2007 is now updated and revised for 2017. Snow White is one of the most enjoyed pantomimes - first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, with each dwarf being named in 1912, and then renamed by Disney in 1937. While the story may be 205 years old, this version is more up to date - though the moral of the tale is the same, along the lines of ‘real beauty comes from within; or don’t trust strangers..

Our production follows the traditional telling with some fun diversions, new characters and lots of jokes and songs. A prince falls in love, the Queen gets jealous of Snow White’s beauty and orders her death. Snow White escapes to the forest, eats an apple and dies. The prince wakes Snow White with a kiss; with help from the dwarfs.

Lots of fun songs, audience participation, great sets and lighting - a panto not to miss
Act I
Prologue One Upon a Time
Scn 1 Palace Courtyard
Scn 2 Queen's Dressing Room
Scn 3 The Diamond Mine
Scn 4 If you go down to the woods today. .
Scn 5 Deep in the Forest
Act II
Scn 1 The Dwarf's Cottage
Scn 2 Queen's Dressing Room
Scn 3 Meanwhile, Back at the Cottage
Scn 4 Queen's Dressing Room. .
Scn 5 The Diamond Shrine
Scn 6 Chuckles with Chuckles!
Scn 7 ... Happily Ever After

Production Team
Director David Pascoe-Clarke
Set Designer Kevin Lawrence
Lx and Snd Kevin Lawrence
Stage Manager Charlotte Lawrence
Costumes - Youth Grroup Charlotte Lawrence
Costumes - Adults Members of the Cast

Key Rehearsal Dates
Stage Technical Wed 27th Dec 17 (7pm)
LX Tech/Stage Run Fri 29th Dec 17 (7pm)
Final Dress Mon 1st Jan 18 (2pm and 7:00pm)

Please ensure you can attend all these dates

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